Our Story

Egedamla Leather was established in 1991, when Akif and Yaşar together with Metin, their big brother, laid the foundations of a company that now employs more than 100 staff members throughout the world and has an annual turnover of more than 10 million Dolar with Egedamla Leather exports to 3 continents and more than 16 countries.


The company has one main production facility in Uşak and one head office in İstanbul.


Commitment, creativity, and professionalism made Egedamla Leather a point of reference in the processing of sheep hides for the footwear, leather goods, garment industry. The Company has stood out over time in all these sectors thanks to constant technological innovation and the capability to anticipate the new trends of style, applying its know-how to the specific requests of any single field of application.


Quality, research, innovation, technological development, attention to the safety of the employees, and the environment are the goals that Egedamla Leather has been pursuing every day. The quality management system, complying with international standard ISO 9001, and environmental certification ISO 14001 guarantee the professionalism and the social responsibility of the Company, key values in the everyday management and operation of the whole Company.

Our Vision

Our vision to be best leather producer in turkey and to be one  of 10 best leather producers in world till 2025.

Our Mision

Our mision is to increase prosperity of our shareholders by creating added value contınuously and following changes, transformations and trends.

Our Values

We are a confidential, human focused and investıng in human, diligent, innovative, environment friendly company.


Leather will be an inevitable part of human life as long as we consume meat. Likewise, environmental responsibility and constant improvement on impact-reducing manufacturing technologies will be a crucial part of egedamla leather principles.